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Life isn’t always fair:” Christmas With Jacky Waterman” by Carmen DeSousa

Life isn’t always fair: Christmas With Jacky Waterman by Carmen DeSousa

In this story we have a princess who ran away to be with the man she loved. A man by the name of J.W. was sent to find her and bring her back. Sirena is always looking over her shoulder, she knows her father isn’t happy and would send someone to look for her. She goes to Miami to Fisher Island to get away for a while. Will she be found and made to go home? Download your copy to find out. If you’ve read any of Carmen’s books, you know this is well written. There’s way more to GUIs short story, download a copy.

Outside your comfort zone: Big On Christmas

From LA to Vermont, can Cassie start a new life in this dreamy winter town? Jan Romes does it again, a true romantic writer. I live hours from this setting, so it was another reason to love this story. This was a sweet, fun book, I read it at the perfect time of year, Christmas time. Cassie gets a job in the local hardware store where Luke Stennett is her boss, she thinks she’s falling for Luke, she also knows she shouldn’t, he’s her boss after all. People in town aren’t sure about Cassie, she never speaks of her past life, this makes some town folks wonder.Luke has his own problems as does Cassie. Will they overcome these problems and find peace in each other arms? Read this wonderful book to find out.