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The good & Evil: Falling For Heaven by Anne Conley

We have a stripper trying to get along in life after losing her father and brother at a early age, her mother going into a depression that led to early Alzheimer’s, a twin sister turned to drugs, Heather is the glue holding them together, paying for her moms nursing home and her sisters apartment because they both got so bad she couldn’t live with them anymore. Her mom didn’t have any money left, Heather paid for her sisters apartment so she wasn’t homeless. Heather danced at a club because it was great money, she felt safe, she loved to dance. Then there’s the ArchAngels, Two men come in to the club one night that aren’t the usual clientele, all the girls noticed them. One fair skinned electric blue eyed blonde beauty and one darker skin, Mediterranean like, but just as gorgeous. Neither men seem interested in the dancers, they didn’t want anything from the girls, but the darker one gave Heaven(Heather’s club name) vibes, which was normal, but the blonde seemed repulsed, they both left that night without wanting anything from the girls. Heather couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde, he made something stir down deep in Heather. The two were there again the next night, this time Heaven got to know them, they were both interested in her. This could be good for Heaven or bad. Download your copy to find out. This was the first book I’ve read from this author, I find I like her style of writing. I will read from this author again.

A bright angel: “Charmeine” by Emily Guido

You can tell this author is romantic at heart, you can see it in her writing. Tabbruis is a 8,000 year old Blood Hunter, at first he fed on humans, then something in him changed and he stopped feeding on humans, started feeding on animals. He thought he was the only one of his kind, then he met Dimitri, he was the same as Tabbruis, didn’t feed on humans. Their kind are suppose to feed on humans, most of their kind do. The Elder counsel would have them die in front of their kind if they found out they don’t feed on humans. Dimitri explained to Tabbruis that there are other entities out there called Light Bearers. They are enemies, they kill each other, they hunt each other down. Tabbruis stayed with Dimitri for awhile and learned things from him, they became as close as brothers. Dimitri told Tab he lost his family because of the Elder counsel, he can’t wait to get even with them. Tabbruis has never been in love, but he vows to help when the time comes. Something is pulling him to NYC, so he leaves and goes there, he can’t help himself, he’s being drawn there. He meets Charmeine there, is she the reason he was drawn there? He goes to a concert and feels there’s a Blood Hunter stalking a human, Charmeine is the one the blood Hunter is stalking. I really can’t say anymore, you’ll have to read it for yourself. I’m reading the second book in this series now. Stay tuned! I love this story!

Always ask, never assume: The Sexy& The Undead by Charity Parkerson

Witches, Zombies, pixies, hot angels! What a awesome read! This is the first book in the Sexy Witches series. I adore all the characters. Ella has her own zombie, but Freddie isn’t a normal zombie, a witch cast a spell on him. Ella spends all her free time trying to come up with a cure for Freddie. She has no time for herself and with Valentines day around the corner she doesn’t want to spend it alone. She conjures up a spell for what she wants in a man. The spell blows up and she finds herself being saved by a very sexy tall dark angel named Samuel wearing a kilt and huge black wings and a little pixie named Tam. I really want to say more, but I don’t want to give anything more away. You must read this series. It had me laughing, mad, sad and the sexual scenes are HOT! One of my favorite lines: The light is for guidance and transcendence, but the dark is for protection and passion. Loved this book!!