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New Release! Charred Snake For Two by Jan Romes @janRomes


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\outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Unable to get her head and heart back on track after her marriage crumbled, Alexandra Henry signed up to take part in an expensive, radical self-help, self-esteem program that would put her on a secluded island for seven days with someone just as broken. Together they would team-up to survive, renew trust in the opposite sex, and grow mentally stronger through candid conversation, while taking on nature at the same time.\
Expecting someone tired and downtrodden, Alexandra was shocked when they delivered energetic, dark-haired, cocky, Adonis – Carson Jack.\
How could someone like him know about heartache? Hope fizzled on the spot. She wouldn’t come out of the experience any better than when she went in. Or would she?\

Believe: “Solem” by Clive Johnson

I’m glad Clive didn’t change his way of writing with this new book, still using old tongue language. Clive’s style of writing draws me in, I haven’t read another author like him. I’m glad I got the paperback to read poolside as it added to the spookiness of the book, I’m surrounded by woods. Janeen had to leave her village because she had a demon in her, she stayed longer than most children with a demon in them by bewitching the villagers. She didn’t know this, but her father and a friend did. There came a day when her dad knew it was time for her to leave, she was seventeen then. I wonder if the parents know what happens to the children they send away? Luckily she has Sharman, Craith and Dwelgefa. They realize this isn’t a normal case, so the journey begins through the countryside, up rivers and through dense forest. I can visualize the countryside because the description the author writes is so clear I got the goose bumps running up my arms and legs at times. This book is full of mystery, adventure, demons and a little romance. The characters I came to look forward to being with each time I opened the book will be missed. I took the journey, felt the fear, adrenaline and faith with the characters and their creator. You should to! Clive never disappoints, I’ve read his Dica series which blew me away also. This author is one of the best story tellers of the written word. He makes maps to help you visualize the countryside he’s writing about and his drawing blow my mind. Don’t miss out, take the journey!

Outstanding! Loved it! When Noonday Ends by Carmen Desousa

If your reading Carmen’s books,(if your not I recommend them) then you know Tom. Tom is a new Attorney and looking for a new case when he sees Shelby walk into the court room. She’s accused of hitting her ex husband over the head with a cast iron pan. Tom knew he shouldn’t take the case because Shelby was beautiful and seemed like trouble for him. He asked her questions and said he wanted to be her attorney. Shelby’s in-laws are the castles, a old family with money and lots of secrets. Can Tom help Shelby? Should Tom help Shelby? You will only know if you go hit that button. Carmen’s books are mysteries, love stories  and full of adventure. Very well written, thought out stories. 

My review of Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula by Elise Stokes

I gave this book five stars because I loved it. It’s well written, characters are clearly defined. The books rating is YA, well I am a adult. Cassidy has a normal life just like any other teenage girl. Her father is a news journalist and interviews people for tv. Cassidy went on a interview with him to interview a Dr. Philips and things went wrong. Cassidy had a accident and fell of a stool and bumped her head all the while breathing in a cloud of chemicals. Her father and his camera man Ben didn’t notice the beakers exploded gas and Cassidy breathed it in. Dr. Philips noticed. Her father and Ben were only worried about the deep gash on Cassidy’s forehead. The gash was bleeding really bad. When a Dr looked at it he said it was only a surface cut. Cassidy’s whole world changed. She was still the same teenage girl on the outside, on the inside she was like a super hero. Download the awesome book and read for yourself why I loved it so much. Yes I’m a adult. You can find this and yes there’s another book following this one that I must read at Amazon.com. Thank you for sharing your awesome book with us.

My review of Deception In Savannah by Charles Dougherty

This story has crime, mistresses, humor, mob bosses, deception and intrigue all set in beautiful Savannah. The characters are tourist who come because of the book, It was written on the ghost of old Savannah. Then there’s the Northeners who want to live there because of the land. Then there’s those whom lived there all their lives trying to keep their beautiful Savannah culture alive. Come read how the town people try to do that. This story is well written and I would recommend this author and all 8 of his reads. Thank you Charles for sharing your talent with us. Amazon.com is where you can get Charles books.

Fireworks On The 4th by C.R.Haitt

This book is the second in this series. McSwain&Beck (Sydney and Cody) are at it again. This time they have to save Jayden, their shy hockey friend, part of their trio. Jayden gets in deep when he accepts a job from someone he thinks is on the up and up. ( spoil alert if you didn’t read the first book), Sydney  meets her dad Jake and doesn’t know how to deal with it when she comes face to face with him. Cody and Sydney have feeling for each other, will they come together as more than friends in this book? Sydney realizes she’s in over her head on this case because ( spoil alert) Cody gets kidnapped from the firehouse, she has no choice but to call Jake for help. Will her father help? Does she form a relationship with him? Do they save Jayden before its to late? Will they save the town? Read this awesome conclusion to Gone At Zero Hundred 00:00, Firworks on the 4th..C.R HIATT is a wonder with action and adventure in this series.

Gone At Zero Hundred 00:00 By C.R.Hiatt

I was impressed with this action packed book. Sydney is a 18 year old girl who’s two best friends are boys. Cody is into computers and movie making, is full of himself and the girls are all over him. Jayden is the best hockey player in state. Sydney’s mom runs a private investigation business out of the firehouse where they live. Sydney and Cody learn a lot from hanging out with her mom. Jayden is usually practicing hockey because he wants to go pro. The three of them get caught up in a case that involves murder and drugs among other disgusting crimes. There were times I wanted to kick butt myself. These three are impressive young people. The ending blew me away, I can’t wait to continue my adventure with the next book Fireworks On The Fourth..thank for the next book because I’d would have gone insane wondering what is going to happen next. This series could be and should be a movie, it’s that good. The plots and characters are so real we could and will fall for them kick butt sleuths. Thank you for sharing your skill with us.Image

Sea Cutter by Tim Davis

This is a young adult book, but I found it exciting to read. Nathaniel can’t believe that his father died when his ship the Christopher went down at sea. His fathers best friend Wayland wasn’t so sure himself. Nathaniel’s mother doesn’t want Nathaniel to have anything to do with the sea. Jennifer has to leave town and makes Nathaniel promise he will stay away from the ships and sea. A chest shows up while his mother is gone and it’s his fathers personal chest. Wayland made him promise not to open his mothers surprise from his father. There’s a map in the chest and a pearl that makes Nathaniel think his dads alive.Wayland tells him if he gets permission from his mom they could take the sea cutter(Waylands boat) out to sea and see if they can find some answers. Wayland is a very nice man, he cares a lot for Nathaniel. Nathaniel lies to his mom and Wayland and says he has his moms permission. They take the sea cutter out to sea, little did they know they have a stow away. A slimy, stinky man named Snake. The adventure is just beginning as the sea cutter cuts threw the waves in search of treasure and possibly finding his father. Come along with Nathaniel and Wayland on a adventure that will have you sailing along the pages with their gripping tale. I like this authors styleImage