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Learning to trust: “A Dash Of Desire” (spiced life book 2) by Charity Parkerson

A dash of desire isn’t all that’s going on between Riley and Tristan. Riley is going to visit her aunt Billy after leaving her man of two years behind. Tristan, trying to find his sanity after his wife died by helping others, became a preacher. She gets a flat tire just before getting to her aunts town, no cell service, midnight, pouring rain, just great! Riley see headlights and starts thinking, shit, not the way I want to die. A dark, tall stranger gets out of a older truck, all kinds of thoughts are running through Riley’s mind. She smells his cologne, it’s smells like Heaven& chocolate, then that voice, all southern drawl, then the full effect of him hits her, the thoughts running through her mind aren’t of death. He tries to help out with the tire only to find no spare, that’s when Riley’s foul mouth takes over, she’s a spunky little thing, Tristan thinks while laughing inside. Riley breaks down then, Tristan tells her she has every right to have a break down, he offers a ride to her aunts house. Aunt Billy is very religious, she thinks Riley needs a session with the preacher. Billy has the preacher come to the house the next morning. You really need to download and find out what happens, it’s sinful…hehe!

Everyone needs help sometime:” Adam: My Guardian Angel” by Marcia Carrington

Nancy is having a hard time at work and life, she doesn’t know what to do about it. She feels all alone in the world. At work she had a bully that lied and her boss gave the bully the promotion she was going after. Her fiancé left her for another woman, said some awful things before he left. She goes to the beach ready to end her life, not for the first time. She meets Adam, can one person make a difference in ones life? Download this short inspiring story to find out. It well written and Nancy goes to the beach and meets a handsome guy, what else could you want.