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Matters of the heart: Killing Instinct (a Michael Sykora novel third one) by Darcia Helle

Unfortunately I’ve come to the end of this awesome series, this is the third and last time I’ll be with Michael, Nicki and Sean, other characters I’ll miss Isaac and his mom Ruby. What a way to end a series! I don’t know if you read any of this series, it highly detailed, from it’s torture scenes to it’s investigating work, this author can write! The research is evident in every way, from torture, to killing, to breaking and entering, everything is so detailed. We have two men and one woman with the same mindset, get rid of rapist, child abusers. We have more of Sean in this one, I love that, he’s a likable hired hit man, yea I said hit man and likable ( read the series, you’ll find out). He’s hired to kill Maria, he’s done what he’s never done, got involved with a hit. Maria is beautiful, Sean thinks something is way off about this job. He decides to investigate and asks Michael for help, for Sean to ask for help was big. What they find is very disturbing, a Internet site that you can get any fantasy you want, killing, sexual, any fetish your into. It’s run by someone called “The SandMan” He wants Maria dead! Sean, Michael and Nicki go deep and things get real. I cringed, got sad, happy, actually had tears from reading this series. I applaud the author for “HER” imagination and plain awesomeness in knowing what the reader wants. I’ve read other books by this author, I totally recommend you try her.

He’s back!! “Black Coffee 5” A Charles Splint Case by D.E.E.L (Dan Leicht)

I really think these grid members don’t understand Charles, especially the leaders. They brought him down in the last book, Charles isn’t meant to stay down, he’s in the hospital this time around. He hates the hospital, They shot him in the chest at the penthouse in book 4. He wakes up to see his friend Dave, the cop, his only cop friend left, the only cop that still wants to take the grid down. All the others are scared,or on the grids side. Dave gives Charles the lowdown on the case, they can’t find Venus, yea a lady, the head of the grid. She’s giving Charles the best fight of the grid leaders so far. She’s turned the grid members against him. He must take care of this now, Dave tells him to rest, knowing dam well he wouldn’t. Dave sets him up with a vehicle, money and a gun, he thanks him? He’s off to get the grid back. Think he can do it? I love this series. Download it and check it out.

Lost trust: Guns “N” Tulips by Kristen Cayne

Connor Goes under cover for his unit to bring down a ring of bandits robbing and killing bank managers. Lily his fiancé and Paul his partner and best friend are devastated when he busted for bribery and thrown in jail. There faith in him is all but gone. The day arrives when the bandits strike a bank with Connor now known as conman. Will he pull it off and recover his good guy status? Or will things go drastically wrong? You can find out in about 20 minutes, it’s a very short action packed romance story. Totally recommend you read it.

Home- A Charles Solver Splint Case by D.E.E.L

I was in the mood for a fun read, this fit he bill perfectly. Charles knows their after him, his client gave him away, he went to the warehouse to see this monster the client wanted taken out. Things go wrong, his client is shot, he goes to a bar and just waits knowing their coming. He meets Ms. Right and all heck breaks loose when they walk through the door. Short read, lots of action.

Campus crime

Usually I don’t keep reading when the first chapters aren’t page turners, hence the four stars. I’m glad I kept going, this book explodes with action after the first few chapters. Dennis is a campus heart throb, at least that’s what most girls think, except April. April is a agent on campus following a case, she thinks Dennis might be involved. April follows Dennis who’s following someone he thinks is involved in a progressing crime on campus. April saves Dennis after he’s knocked out by the person whom he was following. April still isn’t so sure about Dennis until her agency turns against her and she needs Dennis to help her. April had two identities, a motorcycle riding student, that’s how her friends know her, Dennis is the only one who knows different. Does Dennis gain Aprils respect? Does the duo solve the crime? Is there romance in the air between the two? You will never know without reading it yourself, download and find out.

Fireworks On The 4th by C.R.Haitt

This book is the second in this series. McSwain&Beck (Sydney and Cody) are at it again. This time they have to save Jayden, their shy hockey friend, part of their trio. Jayden gets in deep when he accepts a job from someone he thinks is on the up and up. ( spoil alert if you didn’t read the first book), Sydney  meets her dad Jake and doesn’t know how to deal with it when she comes face to face with him. Cody and Sydney have feeling for each other, will they come together as more than friends in this book? Sydney realizes she’s in over her head on this case because ( spoil alert) Cody gets kidnapped from the firehouse, she has no choice but to call Jake for help. Will her father help? Does she form a relationship with him? Do they save Jayden before its to late? Will they save the town? Read this awesome conclusion to Gone At Zero Hundred 00:00, Firworks on the 4th..C.R HIATT is a wonder with action and adventure in this series.

Gone At Zero Hundred 00:00 By C.R.Hiatt

I was impressed with this action packed book. Sydney is a 18 year old girl who’s two best friends are boys. Cody is into computers and movie making, is full of himself and the girls are all over him. Jayden is the best hockey player in state. Sydney’s mom runs a private investigation business out of the firehouse where they live. Sydney and Cody learn a lot from hanging out with her mom. Jayden is usually practicing hockey because he wants to go pro. The three of them get caught up in a case that involves murder and drugs among other disgusting crimes. There were times I wanted to kick butt myself. These three are impressive young people. The ending blew me away, I can’t wait to continue my adventure with the next book Fireworks On The Fourth..thank for the next book because I’d would have gone insane wondering what is going to happen next. This series could be and should be a movie, it’s that good. The plots and characters are so real we could and will fall for them kick butt sleuths. Thank you for sharing your skill with us.Image