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On the run: ” Secrets” by Darcia Helle

On the run: Secrets by Darcia Helle
This author is one of the best for describing violence in her books, I can only imagine the research she has done. Samantha grew up in a house full of unbelievable conditions. She had no one to trust, her father has done horrible things to her, her mother turned her back to her, so didn’t her brother. When she had the chance to leave, she fled for her life, she never looked back. Samantha had to make a new life, become a different person, she even believed in the person she’s portraying. She met Jeff and married well. Can she keep her secrets? Will her family leave her alone? Download a copy to find out, you’ll love this book. The characters seem so real, I fell for Sam and Jeff. This story has a surprise at the ending that blew me away.

Kids: Beyond Salvation ( A Michael Sykora novel) by Darcia Helle

This is the second novel in this awesome series. Michael and Nicki ( you remember Nicki, the prostitute Micheal was with after the killing of his fiancé). Michael helped Nicki in No Justice, now she’s got a job and apartment, has her head on straight. Michael and her are great friends, Nicki wants more, Michael keeps putting her off, (will Nicki win). Michael has problems with his dad, he has cancer and Michael wants to find his sister before he dies. He enlists his best friend Isaac ( police officer) to help find her. He has all that going on and his daytime job as a software designer, at night he plays justice for those who need him. He mostly goes after child molesters and rapist who think their above the law. Two boys who live on the streets that helped Nicki out when she needed it needs her help finding a girl that lived with them, they are sure she’s in trouble. Michael usually doesn’t do runaways but, these boys helped Nicki, so he said he’d meet them. They decided to try to help, when things get deep Michael asks his friend and hit man Sean to help. What they dig into is a world where danger lies in the hands of people who claim to be in Gods hands. You must read this series!!!

A good mix: Falling by Regina Puckett

This is the Awesome cover!!

This is the Awesome cover!!

Let me just say; I think this was one of this authors best poetry books yet!
There’s a good mix of poetry, some on relationships, dreams and weather. The other side, abuse of adults and children, this author touched sensitive subjects in this book. It gets you thinking and feeling, that’s what poetry is all about. One line that is a favorite of mine; Still Stand so I can feel your heart
Where each beat will design my soul’s art.
Just a taste of what you’ll read in this awesome book. This author uses poetry to write about life. Download yours now to get a taste of what I think is her best work yet.

Blood on my hands: ” Never Again by Rosa Storm

Never Again hits on spousal abuse, a big problem in society today. Jen thought she married well, until Ken started telling her she couldn’t have friends over.. Jen started thinking maybe she’d been wrong to marry Ken. Jen takes things in her own hands. A very well written short story, don’t mess with Jen.

WOW! ” I Couldn’t Lay In The Bed They Made” by Kimberly Biller

First off, I have total respect for this author! To tell the world about her life, I don’t know if I could do that. I’m very glad she chose to tell her story. It’s very hard to read because even though I knew harsh parents including mine at times, they were actually tame compared to these parents. She shows that even with the up bringing she had, you can stop the cycle by choosing a different path. One sister did that and had a happy adult life. This book really pulls at the heart and soul of the person reading it, so get tissues and hold down your temper. What this sweet lady endured was pure hell! I want to HUG her and tell her thank you for sharing her story. WOW! I just can’t get over what some people do to their Children and no one stops it!