I’m going to miss these ladies!!

I’ve been with Steph, Tawny, Grace and Elaina from the start in Ohio at a jewelry shop where they all met. They were there to sell their wedding rings as two were getting divorces and one almost got married and one who lost her husband. They were all fed up with men, except one who was hurting. They all connected in the shop over Grace crying and went for drinks. From their first drink of wine together they formed a friendship that none of them knew they needed. As this is the final book in this series I’m reading it with a heavy heart knowing this is it for me and the four sassy chicks. They all moved in to Elaina’s big house together as they find they need each other. As they get to know each other sometimes things got messy. Tawny brought her dog to live with them, his name is stony. He becomes a blessing to all of them. At first he was a pain as he learned new rules, but they all loved him and he became a important part of their lives They form a club (wine and sweatpants) they get together for wine once a week. Elaina says ( not my circus not my monkeys). Well will see about that!
They are all different personalities that clash at times, laugh at times and cry at times. Their pasts in Ohio need to be left behind, Steph follows a guy to Maine only to call up crying to the girls that he’s a jerk. His family owned a bed a breakfast that’s up for sale. Elaina gets the bright idea to buy the place and have all four a part of it. It was a hard decision but they left there problems behind for a set of new ones in Maine.
Can their friendship survive the crazy move, new guys in their lives and all the craziness of owning a bed and breakfast. Read as they put their hearts out there again.
Every woman needs a friendship like these ladies have, you’d be lucky to form even one like this one between these beautiful women. They’re sassy, strong, creative, pain in butts at times to each other, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Come get to know them by reading this awesome series, you’ll love them to.

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