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Trial Run by Ella Medler

Trial Run by:
Ella Medler
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Adult
340 pages
Release Date: October 31, 2014
“Trust me, he says. You’ll be safe with me, he says.”
Amelie Watts is sick and tired of being treated like a child. She might be willowy and delicate, but she has strength of the kind that doesn’t show on the outside. Plus, she learned all she needed to know so she could cope on her own. Now, if only her big brother would finally release her inheritance! She would fly to the Bahamas and kiss the backwater she grew up in goodbye.
Jason Watts is fed up with picking up the pieces of his little sister’s life. If only she would grow up already and learn to live life without stabilizers! Her latest idea is insane, and bound to be her most enormous failure to date. But how to make her understand?
Enter Rob Tyson, incorrigible bachelor and Jason’s best friend. For a laugh, they make a bet. Two people, a hastily acquired boat, and a tropical paradise. What could possibly go wrong?




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Ella Medler is a U.K. author and editor who lives in a corner of Heaven, on the south-west coast of Ireland, overlooking the Atlantic. She writes fiction in many genres – some after her own tastes, and some to make her readers happy. Sometimes, those two happen to coincide. Whatever the genre, her books are action-driven, and well-developed characters are her forte.

A fierce supporter of genuine talent, Ella Medler founded Paper Gold Publishing because she believes there are authors out there who deserve a chance to shine, authors who would otherwise fall between the cracks of a crumbling, forever-shifting industry. Feel free to join the site to access free resources, take part in competitions and enter your work in box sets and anthology collections.

As an editor, Ella Medler has the tendency to nit-pick on plot issues while ignoring the type of rule that doesn’t allow for a sentence to be finished in a preposition. If you want to win her over, make sure your books are action-packed, your characters real, and you bring chocolate.




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Big Brothers!!! “Trial Run”by Ella Medler” My review”
Amelie lost her parents when she was sixteen years old, Jason her older brother was twenty three. Jason looked after her because that’s the loving brother he was, but Amelie felt he was smothering her. All she wanted was to be a independent woman, her brother was fighting her at every turn. Her parents left money for her in their will but, she couldn’t have it until she was twenty five. She had business ventures she kept showing Jason, he turned down all of them saying she had no idea how to run a business. Amelie went to school for business and other courses to help be independent from men. While her friends were tanning and having fun, she was taking other courses. She got a taste of a broken heart from Rob, Jason’s best friend, even though he didn’t know she had a crush on him, he was seven years her senior. That set a goal in her life to be independent from “Men”. Amelie set out to “make” her brother throw her out by being really bad, around every turn she was doing drugs, hanging with like related people. Jason was alwayś getting her out of trouble. Rob showed up after ten years of being gone. Jason enlisted him in a bet to basically humiliate Amelie and bring her into reality. Jason told Rob what he’s been going through with Amelie, he made her sound like a spoiled princess.  Who will teach who? This is a awesome story, I really enjoyed it, well written. I found a new author!


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