Fire inside: “Fortune Brawling” (book two) by Hunter. S. Jones

Dallas knows she doesn’t drink a lot, one night to much and she knows why. The woman went and got “Married” in one night! She has herself and her best friend in a hole she needs to dig out of, luckily for her Dolly Pardon is her boss and friend. Everyone seems to have a different memory of that night at Buds. She is scared Dolly is going to fire her when she’s called to their lawyers office. Her best friend Jodi Jennings got arrested for fighting, she got married, there was sorority sisters involved, one wants to sue her best friend. Dallas is suppose to go on a tour with Dolly. Will Dolly help her out of this magical mystery night or fire her? Will Dallas learn from this experience? Will she stay away from Billie-Joe and find a wonderful man who loves her( like the one she married)? Download and find out.


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