Women Rock!!” No Sweat Pants Allowed-Wine Club” by Jan Romes

First off “I Loved This Book!!! The characters Elaina Samuels ( Fitness Gym Owner), Tawny Westerfield (Nurse extraordinaire), Stephanie Mathews ( Office work), Grace Cordray ( Bank Teller), are superb woman. They all met in a jewelry store to trade their rings in for more than money. Elaina just got divorced, Gracie’s husband died a few years ago, Stephanie was jilted as a fiancé, Tawny also divorced. Grace was crying in the back office and it was bothering Elaina, she was ready to walk out the door after standing in line for way to long in between to smelly and disgusting men and listening to the woman crying, she said to herself, not my circus, not my monkeys. Elaina couldn’t walk away, she turned around and asked the woman if she was alright, the woman said she was a mess. Stephanie and Tawny came to see what was up with Grace to. Elaina asked all of them if they wanted to go have a glass of wine. That is the beginning of this budding friendship for these four woman. This book had me laughing my butt off most of the time, crying at other times. You know when women get together all sorts of things can and will happen. There’s also one more fuzzy character that I must mention, Stony the Siberian Husky, he’s Tawny’s best bud. I couldn’t put this book down when I was reading it. The things these ladies say and do! I can’t wait for book two! Fall is way to long Jan!


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