Fate will catch up:” Gunslinger Greed” by Mark Stone

This is “not” a book for the queasy stomach. Earl Claudius Wade was saved from hanging, he killed a hooker that made him feel bad, or was he saved? He ran for the Black Hills after he seen what his father done to his wife, sweet Mary and his mother. He had a posse after him, will he escape their wrath? He was hiding out in a abandoned cabin with his friend, he doesn’t know if the friend is real or not. With the stuff this man has been through, his friend could be his imagination. The plot of this book is horrific, by that I mean what’s happening in the story, gory, bloody, to say the least, somehow I couldn’t put the book down. All I can say is this author has one awesome imagination. I’ve never read anything so gory before. Download your copy to find out Earls plight.


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