Blessing of the Morn


Ayslyn's Corner

By Ayslyn

Night releases its strength away

As I rise to greet the dawning day and say,

Beautiful is the winter sun, its rays shining over the hill,

Beautiful is the waking world

Woken by the sun god’s will.

Wash away the troubles of olde, and toss aside that song,

Light the candle, bend the knee, sound the bell and gong.

The moon has blessed my sleeping mind, the sun my waking heart;

This day, I fear, shall bring troubles from which I wish to part.

Mother of grace, so fair and sweet,

This day allow my heart to meet

_________ (courage) for struggles to come and

Banish from me the _______ (nervousness) cherished by some.

Magick flutters through the air,

Dancing as if without a care;

Lessons taught in subtle ways

Have the most effective sway.

I am my own; I am the key

So as I will it…

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