Midnight strikes…

A Bell of Brass rings just once

Golden Candle in a Brass Candlestick holder is lit

Sink to madness and to sleep

Enter…share in our darkness

The Ceremony begins..

Alter spread with a bright red cloth of Velvet

12 red Candles arranged in a Circle in the center

Phoenix rests in a golden basin full of Ash

Vase of Holly Sprigs full berried placed at the end of the Alter

Flask of young red Wine…Goblets for all
This fragment of light
A little spark
To kindle thee from sleep
And from the dark

Our bones are bare
No warmth from them may grow
We ask no gift
Nor now to use one I know

This light I bear
But a candle gleem
Reveals to thee the vision
I have seen

That from these ashes
And only by thy will
Return upon our fallen sun
After the…

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