Fur bristling

Ears atuned

Nose to the wind

I am told I walk a dangerous path

Cautious not fearful I proceed

Running free in the light of the Full Moon while everyone sleeps

My inner space of stillness

I watch over the land

Wild…I feel the life force coming up inside me

Unhampered…for that wildness to come through

Experiencing a part of myself in the eyes of the Wolf he comes running

Compensating for my weaknesses he shares with me his Wolf Wisdom

Healing my most wounded parts pulling my bones together

So I can move forward along a peaceful Path of my life

I learn of my inner self discovering my own hidden power

Freedom for my Soul’s appetite to roam alone

Guided by my instincts I travel this amazing journey

Living with an open heart at full power

My Messenger…we meet again for just a passing moment howling…

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