’tis the season of the witch



β€˜This the season of the witch, Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Maiden, virginal and full of promise. Mother, nurturing and loving. Crone, experienced and wise.
I was the Maiden, trusting and open to life. I was the Mother, my arms and heart open to everyone. I am now the Crone,born of love and loss, ecstasy and anguish, hope and disappointment. I am now the Crone, dark, brooding, and introverted. I am looking into myself and witnessing the reincarnation of the Maiden, purified and made pristine by fire. I am witnessing the rebirth of the Mother, coddling and nurturing my own psyce and soul. I am the Crone, honed by experience. The season of the witch is now…now is my season.


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