Who Am I: EVERWUD: The Tree, The Boy&The Dog by Marilyn Dieckmann

A book full of fantasy, magic, potions, witches, woodland elves, black magic and fairies. Joey is a orphan, he lives at the Holly House with Miss April-Mae. It’s a nice place for an orphanage compared to most, because Miss April-Mae cares about the kids there. Joey wants to know who his parents are and where he came from. He has a favorite tree he is drawn to, it’s no ordinary tree, Joey leaves his most prized processions in that tree. He befriends a dog at the pet store owned by Mister Tim, a eccentric man who has takes in orphan dogs besides having a pet store. Mister Tim thinks that Joey and the shaggy dog would be great together and asks Joey if he wants him. Joey is all excited until he remembers that they can’t have dogs at the Holly house. Mister Tim offers to keep the dog at his house as long as Joey helps out at the shop, Joey can’t believe luck. As strange things happen at the pet store, Joey learns more about his parents. It’s such a magical story, it drew me right in. I can’t wait to read more about Joey and his friends, “wait” I’ll do that now with EVERUDE book Two: Castles, Clowns& Potions. SWEET!


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