How much can one person take! “September Ends” by Hunter Jones

A very different prose, email, diary, chat room and poetry, It all comes together like magic in this story. Elizabeth October Snow (cool name) was young when she lost her GrandFather who meant the world to her, she took it hard. She had her bother Who helped her through that rough, dark time. She lost her brother in a accident at the age of nineteen, that she was badly hurt in. She was alone in the world even when they were alive, now she was totally lost. The doctors put her on pills, don’t know if that was the way to go. Elizabeth kept a diary, dove into her work, tried to pull out of the black whole her life had become. She meets Peter Hendrix the third in a email about business and her life is altered once again. They both shared the love of words and a favorite poet named Jack O Savage. The poetry in this book is outstanding. My favorite poem was “Your Remembrance” Is it good or bad her talking to him through emails and chat rooms. People find love online all the time now days. You’ll have to download this book to find out. I would, oh I did! Your turn now. Oh, the erotica scenes are”HOT”!!!


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