To Believe or “Not” Believe “TRILLINGHAM” By Wendy Potocki

Jen is unemployed and looking forward to the summer with Phil her boyfriend and her friends Ellen, Terry, Stuart and Frankie. She lost track of time in the mall and it was turning dark when she left. She hears noises in the parking lot while trying to find her car, something grabs at her ankles trying to pull her under a car. Jen screams and some teenagers heard her and ran to help, by the time they get to her the thing was gone. Jen believes it was someone, not a animal like the kids said it was. She tries to explain to Phil what happened and what she thinks she saw, he doesn’t believe her, her friends don’t either. Then people start missing and are found eaten to death, skin torn and bite marks not animal like. The town wants answers, so doesn’t Jen. Is Trillingham a folklore or is there a cannibal in their town. Download to find out.


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