Are they ghosts or real: “Sated” by Charity Parkerson

The author had me from page one! I felt like I was dreaming reading this book, like I was in a cloud the whole time, not sure if it’s real or not, just like Arbor.The characters rock! The author touches on satanic rituals in New Orleans. Arbors feels she was dreaming after a unforgettable, hot night spent with Killian, a famous rocker from the band Exile. She’s dreamt dreams like this before because she always feels like her life is missing something and she’s invisible to people. In her dreams, or reality, she sees herself with three men, Killian the rocker, Lyric a rocker, both from the famous band Exile and Trey a detective who investigates satanic ritual murders. All three smokin hot bodies and she has them all. It’s more than just sexual between this trio. Can they survive their special relationship? Download yours to find out. Many twist and turns in this story, the ending blew me away!


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