Justice Served: No Justice by Darcia Helle

There’s two sides to Michael Sykora, a software designer by day, a man doing justice at night. He began his night time justice after his fiancé was killed at the hands of a dirtbag, he found he was good at it. It’s not about the money for Michael, it’s getting the dirtbags off the streets before they strike again. The way he felt when he took out the low life that killed Christina, he wanted that for other families who need the same feeling. He had a rough life, his mom took off with his sister and left him with his father who turned to alcohol instead of facing reality and being a father to Michael. His best friend Isaac is a police officer, Isaac mother Ruby a steady mom in his life, now his secretary. After Christina’s death he turned to Nicki for solace, a prostitute, until he started liking her then he stopped calling and seeing her. Nicki called him out of the blue saying she needed to see him, she needed his help. He couldn’t turn her down. He has a lot on his plate, his dad gives him news that hits down deep, they have a long over due talk. Nicki has problems with a big player in the hood. Can Michael handle all this and come out on top. They want to see his sister and make sure she’s ok. Michael is a sweet man, but don’t get on his wrong side! Download and read about Michael, the author does a outstanding job with this book, can’t wait to read more from her.


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