Men!!! “Unsurpassed” by Charity Parkerson

The first book in this series starts off with an explosion of friendship and lust. Aubrey dreams of having her two guy friends in her bed. Max and Ryan are sexy hard chiseled MMA fighters, Aubrey is learning kick boxing at the gym. As she watches them she can’t help but enjoy the all the ripples and six packs.Aubrey hopes they don’t know how she feels about them. They asked her to go away for a weekend with them to a Charity event that happened to be for the hospital she worked at. There she met another sexy man Drew. Drew was the host of the event and the owner of the No Rival fight club. Aubrey found him to be very sexy to as he’s also a MMA fighter, hard muscles and sexy as hell, his baldness added to his sexiness. Now what’s a girl to do! Will Max and Ryan be jealous or make it easy for Aubrey to be with Drew? Will her fantasy of being with the two of them come true? One of my favorite sentences was when Aubrey told Drew she always wanted to touch his Unsurpassed tattoo, I got the chills all over..

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