A Thrill ride you won’t forget: Thrill Ride by Wendy Potocki

You want a thrill ride, take this book for a ride, it’s a thrill that chills you to the bones. A teen bullied all his life Kyle finds he has to move because his parents have to downsize.Kyle believes this is his chance to change his whole self, from his personality to his appearance, to try and fit in at his new school.. There are so many teens that can relate to Kyle’s life. He meets Wax when he literally bumps into Kyle at his locker, Wax needs to know all, Kyle doesn’t let Wax phase him. Wax likes Kyle and invites him to come meet up with his friends. Wax is the head of Hells Bells, a thrill club. Kyle finds he’s really digging his new life and friends. Will it be worth losing old friends? Can Kyle pay for what comes with belonging to such a club? Get ready to take a ride with Kyle and his buddies at top speed with not a care of what happens to others. Bravo!!! You like horror, you’ll love “Thrill Ride”.

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