It’s easy when your a kid. My review of “Highlander” by Zoe Saadia

You’ll love this book if your interested in the history of Mexico. To me it wasn’t a lesson but a story. The author tells it in such a way that you just think about the story. You can tell the amount of research she put forth in this book. Two kids from different tribes, Kuini, Highlanders , (his father the warrior leader) only thought about hunting and fighting the low landers. Coyotl (his mother became first wife) Low Landers he’ll take over one day. Their from different tribes, Coyotl met Kuini one day when he leaves the city to get away for awhile. They become friends and meet whenever they can. Kuini becomes interested in the architecture of the city and how it came about. Can two boys from different tribes stay friends, or will their differences and their hatred for each other’s people get in the way. Kids will be kids. Download this book to find out if their friendship last.


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