My review of ” Interpretations by Amber Rockin Red Norrgard

In this book you’ll find pictures that reflect a poem and a short story about why the poem was written. A different type of layout, brilliant is all I can think of. I really enjoyed the way this book was done and why it was laid out this way. There are ten poems that pour out of this authors mind and soul. 1)Silence:a daughters love for her father. 2)Anything Everything and Nothing: unconditional friendship love. 3)Remember This: What to Do. 4) Slipping Into Evening: A lustful night. 5)Driving To Peace: friendship. 6) Maelstrom: you never know peoples fears. 7). Hiding Within Yourself: A Life Taken. 8). I Want: lustful beauty. 9) Your One: A mind and body in limbo. 10). I Didn’t Know: I never knew how hard I fell. Download now and make your own opinion.


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