My review of “Encounter” by Douglas Wickard

On the outside everything seems normal “Encounter”( FBI Agent Dan Hammer) By Douglas Wickard

A perfect life, a perfect wife and children, that’s what Alex’s life was like, or was it? Alex and Rhonda Kitas seemed to be that couple who had it all. Alex thought his life was doomed from the beginning, he had a celebrity father who had secrets that Alex wasn’t suppose to know about. Alex knew about those secrets. Alex worked for a network and took trips often, this trip to San Francisco was going just like any other trip he took. Rhonda was doing her usual, walking the kids to school in the morning after Alex got in a cab to go to the airport. She was happy in her life with Alex and the kids, or was she? She always got calls from Alex like clockwork, so when she didn’t receive her usual call that morning from Alex, she started to worry. There are so many twist and turns in this well written mystery thriller that you must read for yourself. The author does a wonderful job keeping your attention with strong characters and well thought out action. I’ll be reading more from this author.


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