Read it!!! Where Will You Hide by Michelle Franco

Raith and his team hunt draugers, draugers are known to be the worst of the evil, they kill humans and all others creatures. They turn on you in a second, their not to be trusted. Raith found Aran dying from being attacked by a drauger. Aran told Raith how his uncle died trying to save him and other children that were kidnapped by one. The drauger put a whole through Reinns chest and Aran threw the torch at her and Reinn cut her head off. Reinn thought he was dying and told his nephew to run to safety with the other children. When he awoke he finds he’s one of them, he hides out in the creatures castle away from everyone for centuries, while his nephew thought him dead. Aran fought to kill every last drauger, he was a great fit with Raiths group, so he turned him into a vampire. Kylee went to Scotland to go on a trip her and her grandmother were to take together. Kaylee grandma died before they got the chance, her grandma left her money to go and she decided that’s what she’d do. She was searching for her relatives town in Scotland when she got lost in the pouring rain. She was in a country she didn’t know in the pouring rain, freezing and lost. Kaylee sees a light and walks up the hill towards it to ask for directions. She couldn’t believe it was a castle. A huge man answers the door and Kaylee was stunned by his manners. Really can’t say much more, except download this book and the one before this. The author sure knows how to tell a story, her characters are strong and I loved the series. This second book was phenomenal, not taking away from the first that started this awesome story. I can’t wait for more. You will fall in love with the characters.

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