WOW! ” I Couldn’t Lay In The Bed They Made” by Kimberly Biller

First off, I have total respect for this author! To tell the world about her life, I don’t know if I could do that. I’m very glad she chose to tell her story. It’s very hard to read because even though I knew harsh parents including mine at times, they were actually tame compared to these parents. She shows that even with the up bringing she had, you can stop the cycle by choosing a different path. One sister did that and had a happy adult life. This book really pulls at the heart and soul of the person reading it, so get tissues and hold down your temper. What this sweet lady endured was pure hell! I want to HUG her and tell her thank you for sharing her story. WOW! I just can’t get over what some people do to their Children and no one stops it!


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