Betrayal! My review of “The Assignment ” by Charity Parkerson

“The Assignment” is the first book in Charities series( The Safe Haven Series). I must say it most definitely a awesome start, as I totally want to keep reading. Caitlin caught her boyfriend James in bed with her best friend Heather. Caitlin goes missing and her mom believes she has been kidnapped, but no one believes her. They think she just took off for awhile to clear her head. Her mom knows something bad has happened to her, because they talk everyday sometimes more than once. She goes to a detective agency, Jake Lewis is a ex cop that quit the force and is now a detective. Jake believes her just a little until he goes to Caitlin’s house to find clues and realizes he met Caitlin at a club the other night. He couldn’t stop thinking about her as they went home with each other and slept together, Caitlin left before he woke up. He takes the case on because he has a gut feeling her moms right. He gets help from his ex partner Avery. Avery is like a brother to Jake, he also found Caitlin attractive at the club, but got called away on a call before he could buy her a drink, so Jake was the one that caught her attention.So we have ex boyfriend, ex best friend, a detective who slept with Caitlin and Avery a cop who wanted her to. A mix that Charity totally takes advantage of with all the many twist and turns that kept me turning the pages to see what happens. I was totally blown away with the outcome and am reading book two right after this review. That is what this story has done to me. Steamy in the right spots and a story line that keeps you turning pages, now that’s what I like in a book. You know you want to read this!


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