Introducing “Savage Rose” by My Friend Helle Gade

I have the pleasure of having “Savage Rose” The Third Poetry book by my dear friend Helle Gade on my blog. “Clapping hands” You will to once you sink your mind around this awesome book.

Grief, love, pain, imagination and appreciation for the little things in life. Those are some of the topics the author embraces in this poetry collection, mixed with photo art to enhance the feel of the poetry.

Hi, my name is Helle and I’m from Denmark.

I first started writing in 2011 when all the action in my head got too much, and writing became an outlet. It wasn’t until October 2012 I wrote my first poem ever. Four months later, I published my first poetry collection “Silent Dreams”, which readers have greeted very positively. When I’m not writing, I take pictures and stuff myself with chocolate.

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