My review of Promise Cove ( A Pelican Pointe Novel) by Vickie McKeehan

It deserves more than five stars. This was on my kindle for awhile, I’m so glad I choose this to read .Mrs. McKeehan writes of captain Scott Philips talking non stop to Lieutenant Nick Harris about his wife Jordan and baby Hutton and their Victorian house they are restoring to be a bed and breakfast. They are in Baghdad riding in a humvee after Scott gets called to duty. Nick doesn’t know how Scott can be so happy living that life style, but he listens because Scott is his buddy. Their brigade gets hit and Scott dies and Nick almost dies. Nick is being haunted by Scott to go to Jordan and Hutton and take care of them, to see if everything is ok with them. Nick can’t bring himself to do this because he thinks it’s his fault that he didn’t save Scott . He made a promise to Scott that he’d check up on his Jordan and Hutton. He had no idea he would have to do it for real. Nick was a ladies man in LA where he lived, in no way can he see himself doing what Scott asked. He keeps having bad dreams and night sweats, he just can’t get settled into civilian life. He gets on his Harley and drives. Will Nick keep his word and check up on Jordan, or just keep riding to try and find himself again. Download this awesome book and find out. There’s so much more you need to know, go hit that button. It had my emotions all over the place.

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