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Dark, mysterious! Velvet Rain by David Cassidy

I usually don’t read many thrillers, I heard a lot about this book and the cover drew me in. Kain is a man with dark secrets, he moves from town to town because he doesn’t want people to get to know him. It seems where ever he goes there’s trouble. He’s got that dark mysterious look about him and tries to stay out of trouble. From the first page you know that’s not going to happen. The author goes to the very dark side of humanity and describes it in such detail that I sometimes had to look up and make sure I was alone! Spooky! If your one to have nightmares, this book will give you one. Read at your own risk! Very intense, well written and darn good. David Cassidy is one author that makes your neck hair stand up. Stephen King move over, there’s a new thriller author in town!