Fall Into Love by Serena Akeroyd

This being the authors first book, I must say Congratulations! Simone has been divorced for four years, her two friends Marina and Edwina decide it’s time for her to get out and meet someone and get laid. They dress her up in her best silk dress and bring her to a club. Simone was never one for bars or clubs, she doesn’t like the atmosphere at all. She’s in one of her moods and in a haste to remove herself from a stool she falls backwards and just before she reaches the floor a man grips her and pulls her up. Zane is one handsome man,Simone doesn’t believe what she does next, she asks Zane if she can buy him a drink for his help. Her friends are all excited for her and give her a thumbs up when they go out on the garden behind the club. Download this book to read what does or doesn’t become of Zane and Simone. Erotica with a great story, go ahead hit that button.



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