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My review of Bryant( The Undeafeated Series book 1 by Charity Parkerson

This is book one in the undefeated series. Bryant is the oldest of the smith brothers, he runs the fight club. They are having a problem with someone stealing money from the club. Walt, Bryant’s brother suggested they get the private investigator next door to them to help. Parker was in the service with Walt, so Bryant decided he could trust Parker because Walt did. When Bryant meets Parker it’s love at first sight, at least for him. Download this awesome series to read all about the Gorgeous smith brothers. Each one is a great read. I expect nothing else from Charity Parkersons books. I’ve read many and am NEVER disappointed, never. You can find all of Charities books on, Punk&Sissy Publications, B&N. thank you for sharing your awesome books with us. Charity is a award winning Author.

My review of Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula by Elise Stokes

I gave this book five stars because I loved it. It’s well written, characters are clearly defined. The books rating is YA, well I am a adult. Cassidy has a normal life just like any other teenage girl. Her father is a news journalist and interviews people for tv. Cassidy went on a interview with him to interview a Dr. Philips and things went wrong. Cassidy had a accident and fell of a stool and bumped her head all the while breathing in a cloud of chemicals. Her father and his camera man Ben didn’t notice the beakers exploded gas and Cassidy breathed it in. Dr. Philips noticed. Her father and Ben were only worried about the deep gash on Cassidy’s forehead. The gash was bleeding really bad. When a Dr looked at it he said it was only a surface cut. Cassidy’s whole world changed. She was still the same teenage girl on the outside, on the inside she was like a super hero. Download the awesome book and read for yourself why I loved it so much. Yes I’m a adult. You can find this and yes there’s another book following this one that I must read at Thank you for sharing your awesome book with us.

My review of Ace( the undefeated series) by Charity Parkerson

Ace doesn’t want to follow in his fathers foot steps. All green hair and tattooed, he wants to fight in the MMA circuit. Ace believes he needs to keep his head in the fighting arena and that’s it. There was no problem with that till Lucy gets under his skin. Nobody attempts to talk to ace because of his looks. Lucy doesn’t care, she’s lonely and likes his looks. A well written book I couldn’t put down. Charities books usually do that to me. Down load this and see how Ace and Lucy make out. Charities books can be found at, Punk&Sissy Publications and B&N . Get your read on!

My review of Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson

This must have been hard for the author to write. I have complete respect for for Rachel for letting us be apart of it. She tells of the most troubling times and the sweetest. Some told in story some told in poems. If your not one for the truth as this author writes, then this book isn’t for you. If you need to find piece in your own life, download and read this book. It’s well written and just may be what you needed. Thank you for sharing your story Rachel. You can find Rachel’s books on, Smashwords, B&N .