The Night Life: New York by Travis Luedke

This has it all, Michelle, a erotic French vampire, Aaron, a 20 something year old kinda geek working in a Italian restaurant,bad cops, thugs, escorts, pubs, a jealous ex girlfriend. A cocktail for this sexy, kinda gory story. Aaron gets off work ready to do what he usually does, bring home a twelve pack of beer to the apartment he shares with Kyle, his buddy. Aaron walks out of work and sees the most beautiful lady he’s ever laid eyes on. It looks like she was thrown out of a limo, she starts walking toward him, he can’t believe she wants anything to do with him. A car pulls up and two cops get out and start harassing Michelle, Aaron knows he can’t do much but yells for them to leave her alone. Michelle was taking care of herself when they shot Aaron. Michelle doesn’t want to leave Aaron there to die so she picks him up and with the speed and agility that vampires have she raced home to try to figure out what to do with Aaron. You see if she saves him she has to give him her blood. He would become a vampire and be her servant for life. Download this action packed, well written book and see what transpires with Michelle and Aaron. You won’t be sorry. I would and will read more from this author. Thank you Travis for sharing your story.

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