My review of Cassidy Jones And The Secret Formula by Elise Stokes

I gave this book five stars because I loved it. It’s well written, characters are clearly defined. The books rating is YA, well I am a adult. Cassidy has a normal life just like any other teenage girl. Her father is a news journalist and interviews people for tv. Cassidy went on a interview with him to interview a Dr. Philips and things went wrong. Cassidy had a accident and fell of a stool and bumped her head all the while breathing in a cloud of chemicals. Her father and his camera man Ben didn’t notice the beakers exploded gas and Cassidy breathed it in. Dr. Philips noticed. Her father and Ben were only worried about the deep gash on Cassidy’s forehead. The gash was bleeding really bad. When a Dr looked at it he said it was only a surface cut. Cassidy’s whole world changed. She was still the same teenage girl on the outside, on the inside she was like a super hero. Download the awesome book and read for yourself why I loved it so much. Yes I’m a adult. You can find this and yes there’s another book following this one that I must read at Thank you for sharing your awesome book with us.


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