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Nocturnal Embers


Nocturnal Embers.

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My review of The Tree In My Front Yard by Kimberly Biller

This is a fiction book. The author Kimberly Biller writes of a girl named sissy that sits up in a tree in her front yard, her favorite place to be. Sissy tells us about what she sees up in that tree. I had a ball reading this, it’s so funny. The words are meant to be just how there written, because sissy is from the south. Please read this book it’s a good time. Look for this author on Smashwords and Amazon. Kimberley had a few more books out. I wouldn’t hesitate reading them after this book. Thank you for sharing Kimberley.

One Night In Jail by Kirkus MacGowan

This was a short story about a family of boys on spring break with their father. The kids were walking back to the hotel after leaving a bar and got stopped by the police. The one brother gets a little smart and is arrested. He spends the night in jail. He’s worried about what his father is going to do. Nice short story.

The Zeppelin Chronicles by Be Ditmars

Kip told Susan and Millie about his adventure aboard the Zeppelin. He told everyone, the parents and Susan didn’t believe him. The zeppelin is a time machine and magical . It’s comes around once a year. Kip tells Susan today is the day. Susan wants to prove him wrong so he looks silly to people. She and Millie follow Kip to a clearing and wait and wait. Just when Susan thinks Kips fibbing the zeppelin shows up. The ship opens and this Guy says something and Kip goes up to ship and starts boarding and Millie and Susan follow. At first everything seems normal, but Susan notices there are people on board who are dead. They fly over Germany and Susan sees other ships shooting at the people and hopes they don’t shoot anything, she looks around and people don’t seem to mind. Then the ship has some turbulence and that’s when things turn a little scary. Susan sees things she can’t believe. Kip tells her he seen the same thing last time he was aboard, it was the only part he didn’t like. They both saw the holocaust happening. Buy the book and see how the kids make out. It’s very well written and the author turns something horrible into an adventure with kids that is nice to is the place to get it. Thank you for sharing your books with us Ben.

My review of The Depot by Carmen DeSousa

This story takes place at a old train station turned bar- restaurant.Mark is a detective, he was there because there was a suicide or murder on the tracks behind the depot. A very rich 25 year old was hit by a train. Mark was asking the owner questions. He told mark the guy started coming in at night for awhile now, but he doesn’t know him. He said his waitress was seeing him or at least he thought so. Ashlyn was a waitress and bartender at the depot, she was going to college for business. Her mother told her ” woman don’t need men to make it in this world”. Ashlyn thought differently, she thought she needed men to make it. She wanted a man with money and his own business. Ashlyn thought she found that with Devin Burke. Mark has seen Ashlyn around the depot but never pursued her, he was married to his job. He thought she was beautiful. The owner of the depot  had cameras all over and gave mark the cassette of that night the murder happened. Mark looked at it and saw Ashlyn in it  but thought this tape couldn’t be from that night. He calls Ashlyn the next day and asked to talk with her. Ashlyn is nervous and doesn’t call him right away. Marks boss says the police commissioner is all over him to solve this case because Devins father has clout and is making waves. Mark goes to the depot that night acting like a customer. Ashlyn notices the nice looking man in a suit sitting at the darkest table and goes over to take his order. Ashlyn decides to call him while she’s at work and tell him she’ll call when she’s not so busy. Mark doesn’t want to think Ashlyn could have anything to do with the murder. He watches her thru the night. She talks with him a few times during the night to makes sure he has everything he wants. They feel an attraction to each other. I’ve told you enough, now buy the book to see what happens next. You won’t be disappointed. Carmen never disappoints. They say the depot is haunted..mawhhh..

The Pit Stop by Carmen DeSousa

A short story with a solid end. Gino was dreaming of his grandparents that have been dead 20 years. They say his grandparents died of natural causes, but Gino , who’s a detective never believed it. His grandparents were only in their 50’s. They were in their bedroom, died in their sleep. Gino married his childhood best friend Shelia. They dated thru high school and then she went to college and they dated other people. When Shelia came back to town in her 20’s he knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. They moved into his grandparents house. Gino met his boss at The Pit Stop the next morning for breakfast. The diner has been open since Gino could remember. He used to go there with his grandfather. He hasn’t been in the diner since his grandfather passed away. He couldn’t figure out why his boss wanted to meet there, he knows Gino doesn’t frequent the diner. He tells Gino of a murder a couple of towns over with the same mo as his grandparents homicide. His captain told him he never believed they died of natural causes. The owner of the diner came over and said hi to Gino like he knew him. Gino couldn’t place him, but he knew Gino. Gino thinks he crazy and goes home to tell Shelia. Shelia grew up close to his grandmother. He asked her if she ever heard of the owner of the dinner. Shelia says she remembers his name but can’t place it. Shelia said his grandma kept a diary, she used to read it to Shelia. The next day the captain and Gino went to the town where the murders happened and examined the scene. The place was immaculant. Gino found one thing out of place, a photo album. When he looked thru it he noticed a pic of his grandfather and grandmother. These people went to school with his grandparents. You will have to download the book to find out what happens. It FREE! Carmen never disappoints.