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I nominated Clive Johnson’s Lieyatel’s Embrace. ONLY if you want ” PLEASE” go second my nomination. Thank you BIG time in advance:) 🙂
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My review of Leiyatel’s Embrace

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I gave this book 5 stars but I would have gave more. It’s meticulously written. I’ve never read a book like this one, I’ve read historical books about castles and kings, land barons and such, this book is more than that. The wit and beautiful way this author uses his words is poetry for the eyes. The title itself Leiyatel’s Embrace is beautiful.Read slowly to take it all in. The use of the superb map was brilliant. The map helped immensely to journey through this book. The characters are described in great detail. The author describes the land, castles, what the character clothing is like so you see this clearly in your mind. Names were even like poetry, Falmeard and Geran are just a few. People are losing land that has been in their families for generations for different reasons. Read this wonderful book and find out who, how and why. There’s lots of twist and turns as the author keeps your mind wondering through out the chapters. If you think you know the out come think again. This book has to be read by someone who loves slow reads, take your time and take it all in. You might need a dictionary as I found it useful. Thank you Clive for writing this lovely book. You can find it one Amazon. com. This book reminds me of the author. I can see Clive in the century this book was written in.


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