My review of Bunny On a Bike by Bev Spicer

Bev and Carol, her partner in crime are trying to find what they want out of life. Right out of college Bev talks Carol into going to London to interview for a croupier job at a playboy bunny like club. They are totally different in some ways, but compliment each other. They get to the interview and most are younger than them, but they get the job because of their math skills. They look for a place to live that they can afford, it’s not a nice place and far from work. The girls spend a lot of their monies just getting back and forth from work. They were having a hard time with their landlord, so they look for another place closer to work if possible. BevSpicers book is funny on every turn. Download yours now and find out what becomes of Bev and Carrol.


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