Sea Cutter by Tim Davis

This is a young adult book, but I found it exciting to read. Nathaniel can’t believe that his father died when his ship the Christopher went down at sea. His fathers best friend Wayland wasn’t so sure himself. Nathaniel’s mother doesn’t want Nathaniel to have anything to do with the sea. Jennifer has to leave town and makes Nathaniel promise he will stay away from the ships and sea. A chest shows up while his mother is gone and it’s his fathers personal chest. Wayland made him promise not to open his mothers surprise from his father. There’s a map in the chest and a pearl that makes Nathaniel think his dads alive.Wayland tells him if he gets permission from his mom they could take the sea cutter(Waylands boat) out to sea and see if they can find some answers. Wayland is a very nice man, he cares a lot for Nathaniel. Nathaniel lies to his mom and Wayland and says he has his moms permission. They take the sea cutter out to sea, little did they know they have a stow away. A slimy, stinky man named Snake. The adventure is just beginning as the sea cutter cuts threw the waves in search of treasure and possibly finding his father. Come along with Nathaniel and Wayland on a adventure that will have you sailing along the pages with their gripping tale. I like this authors styleImage

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