Wow a must read, awesome post on Charity Parkerson..Australian Award Nominee

Tracy James Jones

“U.S. Indie Author Nominated for the 2012 Australian Romance Reader’s Award!”

By Tracy James Jones

At this time of the year the world is abuzz with award shows and events for films, actors, musicians, and so much more.    In the midst of acknowledgments in regards to the entertainment industry is also what is going on in the publishing business.  Traditionally, big name authors have ruled the stage in every possible venue available for literary awards, but in the last year or so there has been a major influx of a new brand of author.  The Independent (aka ‘Indie’) Author.

Indie Authors, named much the same as any entertainment artist who has to produce, control, and market their own work, are making serious strides in gaining a lot of recognition.  Around the world and back, more and more of these authors are finding their names listed as award nominees alongside some…

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