A Splash Of Hope

Faith and Serenity lost their older sister Harmony and their parents to a stupid bet her alcoholic irresponsible parents caused. The town thought of them as a joke because their names reflected nothing of what their parents were. So when they died Faith had just graduated and didn’t think she could get custody of Serenity because of her age. As it turns out she had no problem because of their reputation nobody wanted Serenity. In high school she always had a crush on Adam but he was out of her league. He hired her to dance at his club he opened to help her send Serenity through college. They did have a erotic interlude but Faith left Murfreesboro and Adam because she couldn’t handle it. Now she headed back to tell Adam, whom she never got over, that Serenity doesn’t want to marry him. All this on the day Serenity is suppose to marry Adam and she was in shock of how and why the whole time driving back to her home town. Buy the book to see what happens.


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