I’ve had the pleasure of reading this awesome book! Totally recommend you join the fun and maybe win one for yourself.

A Life Among The Pages


For my first book, From Where I Stand, I’d like to take a trip around the internet for a week. Thanks right…I’m going on TOUR!!!! From December 2nd until December 8th, I’ll be roaming around many different blogs of all shapes and sizes. Some days I’ll be busying doing two stops. Crazy right? I’m going to be a busy man, but I’d still like you all to come see me during tour. I’ll make time for you 😉

During the tour I’ll be having a variety of interviews, many reviews, and a few guest posts. Also, I know you’ll all love this…I’ll be holding a giveaway of my book as well. 5 lucky winners will get an ecopy of my book (I’m still working on getting it up on Smashwords. If I can’t get that done it’ll only be in Kindle or PDF for, sorry)!!! All you’ll…

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