D.e.e.L's Writing and Various Nonsense

The grass tastes bland within this farm now, it used to be green, the sky used to be blue. Yellow the burnt and red the sky, the flies don’t even come around here anymore. I chew and look up, up at the other cows, all chomping away at their regrets.

Is…can it be? An insect has not dared to come within this world of doom in time gone away. A single daredevil floats to atop a dandelion, a dandelion that is almost about to be eaten by…


You are safe now minor fragment to man, but still friend to I. The small ladybug travels and stares between my eyes. It motions me to move toward the woods. None of us Cows dare travel into the woods, yet the ladybug seems to think it a good idea. I follow the lead it directs.

The woods are dense, the sky is…

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  1. cool stoy / poem. Iisso deep. I see not jut the farm you mtion but America as it stands today to tired to go and to broke not to get moving.


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