Land Of The NoonDay Sun REVIEW. Kim Stapf’s review Nov 18, 12 · edit bookshelves: done-reading Read from November 01 to 18, 2012 Another excellent book from this author. I loved her first book She Belongs To Me, but this book took me to new heights. Both Chad and Cassandra believe their lives are headed where they want to be in life life. Cassandra headed towards being a attorney like her father and chad learning to run his parents business. Cassandra’s father dies of cancer and Chads parents die in a crash together. Find out how their lives intertwine and if they can find a new direction in life. They both have issues to overcome, will they find what they need in each other or head in different directions. Carmen has many twist and turns that keep you in suspense, just when you think you know what’s up she throws a wrench and your going ” really” … Thank you Carmen for another awesome read. I totally recommend you read this book. flag


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