Book Love and Shadows of the Realm

Originally posted on The Midnight Writer:

I originally posted the first poem on my old blog in August 2013. It’s still one I think about from time to time. There’s something inherently magical about reading and books. I still feel lost in adventure when I open Narnia, Shadows of the Realm, Oz, or endless other works. And that brings me to the second poem I wrote for Dionne Lister’s fantasy series, Shadows of the Realm. There’s so much adventure and excitement within the pages of her work. Be sure and check it out on Amazon and Smashwords.



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Book Love

Books are time machines.
Books are cars, and planes, and submarines.
Books are rocket ships and magic beans.
Books are goblins, dragons, kings, and queens.
Books are beating hearts and things unseen.
Books are marijuana and caffeine.

© Ben Ditmars 2013




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Shadows of the Realm

take my hand across

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8 short stories: ” Far Away In Time by Maria Savva

I want to tell you something about every story, that would give to much away. I really enjoyed all the stories, the characters played their rolls well. In one story the author tells how important reviews are, wether it be for products, books, services etc. I’m partial to 2&3, they intertwine, just loved Mr Silverfrost, the plot was well thought out. Some stories made me sad, while some kept me on my toes, the greed in one story made me mad. A well written book of short stories. I would have liked the greed story to tell me how people reacted after the character, well read the story and see for yourself.



Beautiful poem by Ben Ditmars

Originally posted on The Midnight Writer:

I read every piece of
inspiration about love
sipping wine like
verbal courage from
your hands but still

the honest truth of you
remains in every sigh
and daydream as the
hours feel like minutes:

I am less afraid of
plunging into unknown
depths and melting with
my hands on your horizon.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

Fur bristling

Ears atuned

Nose to the wind

I am told I walk a dangerous path

Cautious not fearful I proceed

Running free in the light of the Full Moon while everyone sleeps

My inner space of stillness

I watch over the land

Wild…I feel the life force coming up inside me

Unhampered…for that wildness to come through

Experiencing a part of myself in the eyes of the Wolf he comes running

Compensating for my weaknesses he shares with me his Wolf Wisdom

Healing my most wounded parts pulling my bones together

So I can move forward along a peaceful Path of my life

I learn of my inner self discovering my own hidden power

Freedom for my Soul’s appetite to roam alone

Guided by my instincts I travel this amazing journey

Living with an open heart at full power

My Messenger…we meet again for just a passing moment howling…

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Starlight snow

Originally posted on Peace, love and patchouli:

The universe filled
Tiny crystal image
Star like snow pieces
Bits falling
Down on me.
I hold out my hand capturing
The tiny star disappeared
Before I could see the texture
Lines and unique shape,
But round me swirls more
Gentle as the night sky
That I wish upon,
This cold silence of air
As the pieces of the cloud world
Come tumbling down
Blending with all the rest
At my feet.

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Unraveled Stitches

Originally posted on The Midnight Writer:

Today I was angry. My good friend and one of the nicest, most considerate people I have had the pleasure to know was attacked online. They had stated an honest opinion that hurt no one, but it didn’t matter. People don’t always consider their actions or words used on the internet. But they should. People are real and they feel pain. I’d like you to consider this before insulting someone’s intellect, abilities, or appearance online or in person. Thank you.


Unraveled Stitches

we can land on a comet
but we can’t dance
unraveled stitches off
an open wound or

bleed indulgence into
good intentions…

dreams aren’t satisfied
kindness isn’t vogue
and we aren’t real
enough to feel.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


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Blood on my hands: ” Never Again by Rosa Storm

Never Again hits on spousal abuse, a big problem in society today. Jen thought she married well, until Ken started telling her she couldn’t have friends over.. Jen started thinking maybe she’d been wrong to marry Ken. Jen takes things in her own hands. A very well written short story, don’t mess with Jen.