Are they ghosts or real: “Sated” by Charity Parkerson

The author had me from page one! I felt like I was dreaming reading this book, like I was in a cloud the whole time, not sure if it’s real or not, just like Arbor.The characters rock! The author touches on satanic rituals in New Orleans. Arbors feels she was dreaming after a unforgettable, hot night spent with Killian, a famous rocker from the band Exile. She’s dreamt dreams like this before because she always feels like her life is missing something and she’s invisible to people. In her dreams, or reality, she sees herself with three men, Killian the rocker, Lyric a rocker, both from the famous band Exile and Trey a detective who investigates satanic ritual murders. All three smokin hot bodies and she has them all. It’s more than just sexual between this trio. Can they survive their special relationship? Download yours to find out. Many twist and turns in this story, the ending blew me away!



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I know I have found my way home

Making it my life’s work to study in making this a magickal house

A place where my ideas and dreams can grow

Casting a wee bit of magick within the tempest of a passing storm

My strength drawn from these sacred flames that burn inside this hearth

The warmest most fragrant exotic woods burn touched by a wisp of divine incense and sweet hearth smoke

It’s warm comforting feeling invokes the autumn season for me

I can see the sacred within the physical mundane and retreat a few minutes to make way for brown sugar and caramel baked goods

Rich warmth is the blend

Luscious with a hint of crisp apple

Bringing the un-tamed parts of nature and it’s magick energies indoors

This is the spiritual nourishing place of my family and the things I love… a good book…my plants…a roaring fire…

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Personal Post . . . violence is violence

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Hello everyone,

This is a rather revealing and personal post.  I never would share this with the public, but I feel I need to reach out.

Domestic violence is different from any kind of violence known to us.Domestic Violence Month

It’s personal – deeply shocking – and extremely complicated.

I was a victim of Domestic Violence for several years.

I am not ashamed of it anymore. However, I was ashamed – very much so. I felt I was weak and not worthy of a good life. Victims often feel that way.  Victims feel that there is no way out. Victims feel powerless . . . HELPLESS!

Like I said, the psychology of Domestic Violence is complicated and intricate.

I won’t bore you about the facts of my situation.

download (1)However, I want to impart on you one thing – VIOLENCE is VIOLENCE – no matter how you stack it up.

More and more…

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Demanding nature

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Why we need
an enemy for existence
and pain has to be felt
why life needs to be fulfilled
desires to be dreamt
why oceans had to be deep
Mountains towering, steep
Promises to keep
and faith needs a leap
Why walking is so important
before a mad mad run
a long night shadow
before seeing almighty sun
Why stars are very far,
lies required to soothe
Heaven difficult to see
lust for abandoned fruit
why limit ends at sky
it pays to be coy
and men unnecessarily cry
Why gods are never seen
good hearts always clean
guilty pleasures so serene,
Why stories are scattered
humanity in tatters
and these words do not matter


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