Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Dark leather,

long hair.

Tough skin,

distant stare.

Bones and bells

and eyes that tell,

Night sky stories;

tales of black.

She follows as they lead her

to the wrong side of the track.

Styling and Photography:

Tifani Truelove


Amber Elaine

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Share the Light

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Being of mixed heritage is no guarantee of co-existence.  Often times, siblings will select different paths to follow of the many they were exposed to growing up.  In my case, while my sister and I shared the role of altar girls in the Anglican Church, she did not have any interest in learning, participating or enjoying the beauty of the other paths within our heritage.  Now as adults, my heritage can only be passed on in two ways, through her children, and through you all.

Every year, I plan and hope that my sister and I would celebrate both our traditions with her kids.  The Winter Solstice, and Christmas. Taking this time of universal peace and hope to set our differences aside and be a family again. But sadly, it just never happens.  It can at times be very heartbreaking, and frustrating, especially since she has always taken care to ensure the children…

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‘Tis the Season to Make Witch Balls


Going to try this😊

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Witch balls are an Old World pagan tradition.  Hang them in windows, over beds to ward off nightmares, in the garden to bless new growth, in kitchen to welcome good spirits or over doorways to protect the entrance.  The glass of the balls is believed to deflect negative energy.

I filled mine with all-natural ingredients like rose (for a loving home) and cinnamon sticks (for protection).  I even picked fresh green moss from the garden and preserved it using a new method I just learned.  I think it came out cute!


Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own, or if you’re not so crafty, I’ll be happy to make one for you!  Available here:

Moody Moons Witch Balls

Tiffany Michelle
Moody Moons

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A Prayer to the Earth at Yule

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Just because the earth is cold doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on down there in the soil. Think about what lies dormant in your own life right now, and consider what may bloom a few months from now.

Cold and dark, this time of year,
the earth lies dormant, awaiting the return
of the sun, and with it, life.
Far beneath the frozen surface,
a heartbeat waits,
until the moment is right,
to spring.

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Blessing of the Morn



Originally posted on Ayslyn's Corner:

By Ayslyn

Night releases its strength away

As I rise to greet the dawning day and say,

Beautiful is the winter sun, its rays shining over the hill,

Beautiful is the waking world

Woken by the sun god’s will.

Wash away the troubles of olde, and toss aside that song,

Light the candle, bend the knee, sound the bell and gong.

The moon has blessed my sleeping mind, the sun my waking heart;

This day, I fear, shall bring troubles from which I wish to part.

Mother of grace, so fair and sweet,

This day allow my heart to meet

_________ (courage) for struggles to come and

Banish from me the _______ (nervousness) cherished by some.

Magick flutters through the air,

Dancing as if without a care;

Lessons taught in subtle ways

Have the most effective sway.

I am my own; I am the key

So as I will it…

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Crystal Breeze

Originally posted on The Midnight Writer:

I cornered grief with sanity
the backbone of a broken dream
shuddered on the ice in crisp
surroundings, near the pond,
my arms around your waist,
and there was time before
the end; laughter frozen by
the breeze; crystal minutes
balanced on a metal rim
amidst reciprocated vows:
hushed always and too soon.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


Image Source: Flickr

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