My review of “Up Close And Dangerous” by Linda Howard

Bailey Wingate is in charge of her step children’s trust funds, their father married her and died a year later. Their very spoiled kids that Hate her, if that’s not enough when she goes on vacation she uses the Wingate’s company pilot and plane, she doesn’t have her usual pilot Bret. Bret gets sick and his partner Cam Justice is called in to fly Bailey. Cam is a tall sexy Texan that doesn’t care for Bailey, he thinks she’s a ice princess. The plane goes down over the mountains, Cam manages to fly them into trees so they don’t crash into the mountains. It’s cold, very cold. Cam and Bailey need to survive until they are rescued, their cut off from the world. Can they survive each other and make it back to civilization? You’ll find out when you read this book, it’s really a great story. The ending really surprised me.

So Lovely So Free


Sweet picture with sweet words, had to repost!

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So lovely so free
If only you and me
would just comprehend
We too would see
we are lovely so free
just like this you do see.
07 20 14_9346Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose
(Yes, this image is ONE of many from yesterday’s shoot at Glen Falls.)

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Catch me if you can: Heron Park by Christine Raggio

Catch Me if you can:Heron Park: by Christine Raggio
I had to tell myself at times ” It’s just a book”, you feel as though your watching this happen. The author is VERY descriptive, the killings brutally gruesome. A little town in Long Island is on the edge, Cassie a detective is on the hunt with the FBI for a killer using welled trained dogs to help with the killings of women and their dogs walking through Heron Park. The killings keep happening, they must find the killer or be killed, as he has his sights set on Cassie and her family and friends. Can they stay ahead of him and catch him before he kills again? This was one story I’ll never forget! I’ve never read a book so descriptive, it kept me turning the pages wanting him to be caught before he could kill again, he just kept going and my adrenaline was pumping. I usually don’t get scared reading a book, but this one had me on the edge of my seat. One of the best mystery murder books I’ve read.Totally recommend! I’ll be reading more from this author. This dude is SICK! In this book there’s murder, mystery, lust, love, and family, it has it all. I loved getting to know Cassie and her partner Izzy, all the characters were awesome. I’m hoping for a second book.

The End: Sinners Of Water&Fire: by Charity Parkerson

This is the last book in this series, I’m going to miss all these Characters I grew to love reading this series. The author out did herself with this ending, we got to say goodbye to most of them in this book. I’ll miss Jackson Station, all the entities got to live in piece there. In this book that’s what their trying to do, keep it safe. We’re talking about Marissa in this book, Alain and Adriana’s daughter. They think she’s the sun, that she looks like she’s a million miles away. She’s waiting for her love to come back to her, he’s been gone thousands of years now. Her parents don’t know of him and her. The fates are keeping them from one in other. It all comes together in this outstanding ending. Heru her love gave his soul to keep her safe, now Marissa is in danger, he’ll do anything to keep her safe, so will everyone else in her society. Get ready for Gods, Fate and demons to kick butt in this book. I’m going to miss these sexy gods and demons and vampires!!!! By Samuel!! 

Man for hire: What’s A Man To Do: By Marcia Carrington

What would you do after 15 years with a company and you get laid off? In this story you will find out what Mike does. He’s thought about leaving the company before, but never thought he’d be laid off. Mike was a man with the same schedule everyday, get up at the same time, wear the same suit, eat the same breakfast, travel the same route. Sounds like Mike needed a change. Janie, his best friend went through the same thing earlier in her life, she tells Mike “it will all work out” take time and have some fun. Mike needs stability in his life, or that’s what he thinks. He’s looking through the paper and doesn’t see anything in his field. What he does see and calls about will surprise you. This is a funny read you will laugh with. Download yours and find out what Mike does with his life. The cover gives a little hint.